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Part oracle, part drunk advice columnist, Augur is a free app that uses Twitter to tell the future.

Through real-time Twitter searches and anonymized data, the app distills the ramblings of the world at large into a kind of crude, advice-dispensing, fortune-telling machine.

The Augur app is your way to tap into the collective insight and counsel of millions of Twitter users (and probably only a very small number of those people are actually psychopaths).

What better wisdom is there, than the wisdom of the Internet at large? Somewhere, behind all the vulgarity, profanity, and terrible, terrible grammatical mistakes... the future awaits.


In Roman times, an augur was a priest who interpreted the will of the gods by studying the flight of birds.

An early form of divination, interpretations varied depending on the number of birds, the noises made, and the direction of travel. Only some birds could yield valid signs, such as: ravens, woodpeckers, owls, ossifragae, and eagles.

A symbol of their station and power, the lituus was a curved or crooked wand, oftentimes used by augurs to mark out a ritual space in the sky.

The ceremony and function of the augur was central to any major undertaking in Roman society — public or private — including matters of war, commerce, and religion.

About the Author

Felix Jung lives in Chicago with his wife Liz, and two rabbits named Phineas and Professor Snugglesworth. He has a lot of silly ideas, some of which he turns into projects.

In his spare time he runs, a personal blog he's been updating every day since July, 2002.


I've spent a lot of time on this app, and learned a lot of new things in the process. I love playing around with technology, and finding new and novel ways to mess around with APIs.

I hope this app helps pass an idle minute or two of your time. If you've enjoyed it, I'd appreciate any kind of donation you'd care to send my way.